Mental Health is Political. The New York Times. September, 2022.

On how medicalization frames the current "crisis of mental health" as a biological problem, rather than the biological effect of ongoing political crises.

Intimacy at a Distance: The History of Telepsychiatry. The Nation. June, 2022.

On the history and perils of telepsychiatry as a solution to problems with accessing psychiatric care.

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On resisting the temptation of pop-psych's easy explanations.

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On how neuroscientists create brain scanning tasks to model "reality," and the limits of those models.

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On what's wrong with the contemporary genre of popular science writing that tries to stay "apolitical."

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On the Scientologists' antipsychiatry museum in Los Angeles, and the history of the New Left's movement against psychiatry.

Shit for Brains. The Baffler, September 2020.

On Elon Musk's Neuralink.

The Bad Feature. N+1 (print edition), June 2020.

On plastic surgery and the medicalized optimization of gender in an era of human capital.

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On the push for Medicare for All coming from inside the American Medical Association, and the history of the AMA's fight against single payer.

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On the Rockefeller Foundation's role in creating the discipline of psychiatry.